Rayleigh Waterworks District

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Billing Information


  • Billing Responsibility

According to the RWWD bylaws, all bills are the responsibility of the registered owners.  RWWD does not bill to tenants and relies upon property owners to communicate and provide all billing information (and other information concerning flushing, water quality updates, etc) to tenants.


  • New Resident to Rayleigh?

It is not necessary to contact our office when you move into our District.  If you purchase a home in our District the information is sent to us from the Land Titles Office.  Any refunds or money owing on your account will be adjusted through your lawyer.  A $25.00 Search Charge will be applied to your account by RWWD for the search and transfer of ownership.

RWWD will make changes to the property title on receipt of notification from Land Titles Office.

  •  How to make a payment on your account?

Payment on your account may be made online through any bank or major credit union, by mail or at the office from Tuesday-Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm.  Payments must be either be in the form of a cheque or money order, cash will not be accepted at the office.  There is a mail slot that payments can be placed in if the office door is locked.

  • Non Payment of Account

When any rates, penalty additions or miscellaneous charges due by any person are overdue more than 60 days, the District shall serve notice upon such person.  If rates remain unpaid, the District may, after serving 10 days notice, shut off the service and charge the cost thereof to the porperty owner concerned.  In such instance, service may be restored on payment of the overdue rates plus a fee of $50.00 representing the cost of disconnection and reconnection.





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