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Welcome to your Newsletter!

Newsletters are managed in the  same fashion as creating a page on your website. There are some significant differences however that we need to make you aware of. Here are a few pointers to help you with creating your newsletters like a pro: 

Use Default Paragraph Styles:

Similar to creating headings and paragraphs on a page, the same is done in a Newsletter. Use Heading 1 - Heading 6 for your headings, and Normal for paragraph text. Avoid using Custom Styles whenever possible. They are not supported across all email agents. 

Want a Button Link? Use an Image:

It is standard practice for many email programs to ignore complex styling to make a button link appear in a newsletter, in the same way that it appears on your website. For consistent results, use an image representing your button, linking to its location on the web. 

Bold, Italics & Inline Styling:

There is nothing wrong with using a bit of bold or italics in your Newsletter. Text Alignments are also supported. For text color variations, use the Editor's Text-Color feature in your Newsletters. This will style the text inline ensuring that all email programs render the color consistently. 

Use Tables for Layouts, over GRID:

Would you like an image to appear to the left or right of a paragraph, or to provide your newsletter with a unique column based layout? Tables are used for both solutions. 

The Image will always appear left aligned to the paragraph across all email programs, when using a table. 

Tables can contain Inner Tables for nesting, creating those unique column effects.


Newsletter Overall Width: 600 pixels

The overall width of your newsletter template is 600px. When inserting images or tables, makes sure that the widths of these elements do not exceed the overall width of your newsletter. Doing so will keep everything nice and tidy, and contained. 

Drop-IN Applications and Video are Not Supported:

Email does not support video playback and it does not support JavaScript Based controls or components. Neither do newsletters. Should you want to provide these elements in your Newsletter, create links instead which direct your newsletter recipients to your website to view these elements. 

Have Questions - Need Training? Contact Us:

Training and support are always available should you have any questions or concerns relating to your newsletter component, managed using SiteCM. Contact Us Today!

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