Rayleigh Waterworks District

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Election & Annual General Meeting



The Letters Patent of the District stipulate that an Annual General Meeting shall be held each year between January 1st and May 1st for the following reasons:


WaterdropTo receive a report on the conditions of works and of the financial condition of the District;

WaterdropTo discuss any related matter of the works or Finances of the District;

WaterdropTo fix the remuneration for the Trustees for the ensuring year;

WaterdropTo choose the auditor for the ensuring year.



Election of Trustees


There are five elected Trustees on the Board for the District. The Trustee terms are for three years unless they were elected to fill the remainder of a term for a Trustee who resigned.   Please contact the office for nomination papers.


Nomination Deadline


The deadline of receipt of nomination papers must be handed in either at the Rayleigh Waterworks office or to the Chairman prior to the Annual General Meeting being called to order.


Trustee and Voter Qualifications


To be eligible to vote or be a candidate for a Trustee a person must be eighteen years of age, a Canadian citizen, an owner of land within the improvement district boundaries and must be a resident of British Columbia for the previous six months.  Every person qualified as a Trustee is qualified to vote.

Please note that the voters are restricted to landowners within the improvement district. Tenants or Non-landowners are not eligible to vote.


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